Monday, October 8, 2007

Not again

Aish, another season of anime already. The people who actually animeblog regularly say there are 42 fricking new series. There's a collage of shows image, as usual, but it's too unwieldy for my format. So I'll just use hashihime's ordering, skipping what I don't have anything to say about.

Mokke: Spirits plus slice of life. Sign me right up.

Rental Magica: The title is familiar, and the character range means it's not a harem series, but I still get a bad vibe from this one. I'll probably hate it.

Minami-ke: I hold the original manga in high esteem, so I'm a bit worried about this anime adaptation. After all, I was dissatisfied with how Today in Class 5-2 was adapted. To make things worse, the studio and director produced the infamous Cabbage Love of awhile back. [I just watched the OP and it's fairly cheesy. From screens, the quality looks fine; I'll watch the raw later. I predict disappointment, fueling a renewed drive to learn more Japanese and translate volume 2 of the manga.]

Sketchbook: Yet Another 4-koma Adaptation, for crying out loud. Somehow they turn out very well.

Kaiji: Watched the first half of episode 1. Aside from the art, it's done in a conventional approach. If it stays conventional, I'll drop this and read the manga when I get a chance.

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: Probably too shounen, but may be interesting enough.

Myself; Yourself: Watched the beginning of the first episode. I'm a sucker for certain types of romance, but this may be too saccharine.

Dragonaut: Dragons in space. Hahaha. Ah, why not give it a shot.

Ghost Hound: Highly anticipated acid-trip genre anime, I guess. Looking forward to this one.

Moyashimon: A guy who can talk to cute microorganisms, producing stuff like alcohol and yogurt. This looks and sounds totally awesome.

You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle: Repeat after me: furu surottoru.
I watched the OP and the first bit. I have to say, it seems sluggish. Not really in the mood for a long series; besides, I still have to watch the original.

Shana Second: I have yet to watch the first season beyond the first episode or so, but I am glad that my tsundere supply will not run dry anytime soon.

CLANNAD: Every AnimeSuki thread about KyoAni's Key adaptations would invariably turn into a "I hope they're doing CLANNAD next!" thread. And here we are. I watched ep 1 and I think I'm sold on this series. It probably has something to do Kyou and Tomoyo.

Genshiken 2: No real need to say more about this.

Gundam 00: From the previews, this seems like a hybrid of UC designs and AC over-the-top symbolism/characters. (Only recently did I notice just how gaudy the Gundam Wing designs are, compared to the stoic UC stuff.) Looks like fun.

ef: Yet another eroge adaptation. The preview is rather intriguing. Faces are animated in a way that brings to mind visual novel transitions. Music should be good. Looks to be the sola of this season, albeit with a potentially better story (cough).

Shion no Ou: Chess? Yes. Or rather, shougi.

Hidamari Sketch OVA: Woot.

Nasu OVA: Woot. More bicycles and eggplants. Reminds me to check up on Iou Kuroda's current work.

Counting up... we're approaching 20 shows?! Not a sustainable schedule. The blurbs at Random Curiosity have me considering a few more too: Blue Drop (bleh yuri, but superb animation?) and Kimikiss (Kasai Kenichi (Honey & Clover) directing).

20 is way too much, so let's take a step back. If I had to pick a handful at this point, I'd say Mokke, Ghost Hound, Moyashimon, CLANNAD, Genshiken 2, and Gundam 00. That seems manageable, and is a quantity keeping with historical trends. Now to finish watching stuff from Spring and Summer...

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