Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kabu no Isaki chapter 14

Well, it's time to kick off volume 3. A big thanks to dosetsu and fireside for scanning and editing, respectively. I know this chapter still took me a while but it sure felt a lot easier to get through.

I elected not to put a note for Hayashi Rice this time, because it's evidently something mysterious and relatively exotic to our protagonists. I've never had it, but in my mind it's something like stroganoff over rice. Also, sorry to any ornithologists, but I replaced a mention of the Black Kite with just "hawk", which becomes wrong if you go far enough down the Kingdom/Phylum/etc classifications. Japanese has a bunch of colloquial names for rather specific species, for example all those darned beetles in Sketchbook, and it's hard to preserve the tone if you stick exactly to the script. In this case Isaki seems to free-associate from Kites (tonbi) to dragonflies (tonbo). Finally, the title of the chapter is an archaic term for dragonflies, akitsu.