Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall impressions the second

I consider myself a patient person, but Myself; Yourself 01 was terribly cloying and I had to stop halfway through. Some things (like the backgrounds, and the girl with the violin) are very nice, other things (Aoi's voice, corny music, saccharine-ness) are very bad.

Also in the potboiler department is Dragonaut, which is a very strange beast. Mix one part of everything and season well with cliché. Serve lukewarm.

ef is kind of uneven. There's sections that are well done, sections that are clunky, and sections of sudden jumps to the avant-garde. There must be a certain artistic desire to kick things up a notch stylistically, but fancy stuff doesn't automatically result in a work of great artistic merit. Uneven as it is, at least they're trying. There's yet to be a much of a plot, but there's enough hints to keep me interested.

I started skipping around to the end of Myself; Yourself 01. I actually have a friend who watches anime like this, skipping through just about everything. This method may help me keep my sanity while still enjoying Nanaka's miko tsundere osananajimi moe-ness. うふふふふううう~

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