Monday, December 21, 2009


It's winter here, and there too, but it's probably not as cold here as it is over there. I'm rather glad for that. Things seem slow lately; perhaps the weather is a factor. Things are always slow on this blog, though, so offering a status update feels a bit needlessly narcissistic.

I had been planning to make use of the few days between the End Of Finals and Flying Home to edit a few things. First of all, a revision of the Railgun ch2 release, with fixes and whatnot. Second of all, I thought I'd throw out that old chapter of Sing 'Yesterday' For Me that I'd been working on, since that seems to be the popular thing to do these days (cough). Finally, at the very least I was going to do this really short one-shot, a whole five pages, before going home. But no, I ended up spending my time cleaning my room and hanging out with friends. Terrible, I know. So all that will have to wait until next year.

In the meantime I am reading things and translating things, and thinking about how to streamline my process. For one, is making up a script beforehand more efficient than translating just-in-time while editing? I tend to obsess over flow and phrasing when doing it just-in-time; doing it the other way might help.

I also want to make some long-overdue posts: 'Buying Japanese-language Manga in the USA', and 'Results of Book Off Grand Tour 2009'. Perhaps 'A Year in Manga' or 'A Year in Alcohol', we'll see.

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