Thursday, July 12, 2007

The onslaught of summer

So, everyone and everyone's mother has probably seen this picture, but here it is once again. Whoever makes these things is pretty darned clever.

The summer cour has begun, and there will much in the coming weeks to watch, or mock, as the case may be. I find myself disconcertingly interested in far too many shows, and I still have a major backlog in regards to this season, past seasons, past years ...

Anyhow, I'll vent at length on the spring cour someday soon. Right now what concerns me is this image of tiled images. Starting at top left and skipping the not-so-interesting:

- Code Geass 24 and 25. Of course. No idea how they'll wrap things up in two episodes.

- Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei. It's Shinbo. Should be aesthetically intriguing.

- Higurashi S2. Haven't seen the first season, but people are big on this franchise, so I'll get around to checking it out.

- Zero no Tsukaima S2. The first season was pretty cliché, but consistent. The tsundere moments are the only reason I watch this stuff. Must get my tsundere fix, fufufu.

- Doujin Work. A cat is okay too? Notorious enough to catch my interest, though it's Yet Another 4koma Anime.

- Moetan. I'm interested in bizarre English, not lolis, honest.

- Nanatsuiro Drops. Guy turns into sheep, with mahou shoujou miscellany. Wait, why am I curious about this series? I must be losing it.

- School Days. Uh, I realized that I'm probably not interested in this one. All aboard the emo train. Er, train wreck.

- Shigurui. Kotonoha's working on the original manga, but I have yet to read it. Unless this anime is truly EPIC, I'll skip it.

- Baccano!. Retro could be bad or good.

- Mushi-uta. Mind-control bugs? Sounds horribly cliché, but The Bloggers Who Grok Moonspeak are giving it a chance.

- Tokyo Majin S2. More supernatural / Eastern mysticism. I approve.

So far, I've only watched the first few minutes of Zero no Tsukaima. Horribly cliché dream sequence followed by big tsundere moment.


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